The present edition is a methodological development on various problems related to the technical improvement of the guitarist. This method is a result of a 25-year research as well as of years of pedagogical experimental work of the author with his students from the
Music Academy in Lausanne – Sion site (, Switzerland, during the period 2001-2017.

The material has been successfully applied in the training process, which naturally leads to the selection of the most effective exercises with proven positive results. The method offers instructive material – exercises, scales, and studies, designed for the development of the left and right-hand technique.

Book: French-English bilingual edition (144 pages, structured in 7 chapters)
including compilation of 62 exercises with over 350 variations
DVD: 60 didactic videos (176 min) narrated in French, with English subtitles
CD: works by Leo Brouwer, Dusan Bogdanovic, Hans Werner Henze, Joaquin Rodrigo and Carlo Domeniconi, performed by George Vassilev